BBK – the big unknown factor


In 2009 the team was formed by players from different teams and they named it BéBé s Kidz (BBK). From that time on BBK traveled around Europe to show their skills and the way how to build relationships on and off the field. Like for any other team winning is …

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Brovaria – a team on the rise


Team Brovaria was developed and founded by Brett Macy this season with the help of Matt McClintock and Mike Goede. As a highlight they will participate at the Super Cup in Regensburg challenging other teams like they did the entire season at the tournaments in Europe. Brovaria seem to be the …

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A power house on its way to the SuperCup

Dutch National Team

The Dutch National Slowpitch Team (DNT) from the Netherlands is on its way to show their skills at the anogis-SuperCup in Regensburg, Germany. It’s the first time they will face all of the top ESSL teams in a big tournament. In the round robin games they have to compete with the …

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Schedule for anogis-Super Cup


On both days the anogis-Super Cup starts at 0800 hours. 3 fields (2 fields with lights) will be available to crown the championship of 2016. The championship game is scheduled for Sunday 3 p.m. and will be streamed live by Legionaere TV.

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10 teams compete at the Super Cup

Regensburg Legionaere

10 top slowpitch teams play for the anogis-Super Cup title in Regensburg, Germany. For the teams it is the highlight of the season and for the European teams it will be a challenge to close the gap between the US teams. Date: 17/18 of September Place: Regensburg, Germany In cooperation with …

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Guzzlers Black ESSL champions 2016

Guzzlers Black in Italy

In Italy after winning the final game against the Eagles with 15:4 the Guzzlers Black crowned themselves as the ESSL League champions 2016. This is the second ESSL league title (2014 & 2016) of the Guzzlers organisation. For the newcomer of the league, the Eagles, it was it still a …

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Guzzlers Black won the tournament in Italy

Bobby Duran

On August 20th/21h in Opicina (Italy) the Guzzlers Black won the ESSL tournament with 15:4 against the Eagles from Wiesbaden and crowned themselves with the ESSL league title. Championship Game ESSL Italy 2016 Guzzlers Black vs. Eagles  15:4 (box score) Championship 1. Guzzlers Black 2. Eagles 3. Dream Team 4. Los Coyotes Governors Cup 1. Guzzlers …

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